Fashion Trends for Men in Nigeria

I daresay, that Nigeria has the most fashion forward men in Africa.

Nigerian men are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to fashion. They have come a long way from the flared pants- wearing men of the seventies, and are rocking a blend of traditional and contemporary, taking the front stage in African men’s fashion.

It is not only the millennial people who are making fashion revolutions, but also older men. With the proliferation of different men’s clothing labels scattered all over Lagos and Abuja, it is no wonder why Nigerian men are upping the ante when it comes to fashion.

Here are the latest fashion trends for men in Nigeria;

Agbada trend

Agbada made a comeback in 2017, as both men and women rocked the style, but it snuck into 2018, after Ebuka of Big Brother Naija, flaunted purple bespoke agbada attire made by Ugo Monye at a celebrity wedding. The internet went into a rave and since then, there has been a proliferation of agbada-wearing men.

The agbada features a free flowing overall worn on long-sleeved shirt and trousers. Today’s agbada can be pleated, sewn like a jacket, and embroidered in more creative ways than in the past.


Senator style

The senator style is another fashion trend that has held the Nigerian men fashion scene by the jugulars. I am not surprised that every fashion forward Nigerian man wants to rock this trend, because this senator style creates the air of affluence and importance on the wearer, if tailored excellently.

It features a short sleeved top with well tailored trouser, sometimes in matching colour and fabrics, and others times in mix-match colors and fabrics. When the senator style came on the scene, it was usually made with the costly Atiku fabric, but now, it can be made with a variety of fabric except lace. It is a trend favored by the older men, but also rocked both young men too.


Longer Shirts style trend

The new trend in Nigerian men’s fashion is the longer shirts. Whether it is traditional or contemporary attire, Nigerian men are seen wearing longer length of shirts, which goes past their knees, but above their ankles. Some senator styles are sewn in this way; with longer shirts.


Shorts style trend

This trend became more obvious in 2018, and I think it is influenced by the hotter weather Nigeria has this year. Men are throwing away the pants for ripped shorts, which are often complemented with sneakers, or slip-ons. This trend however is favored by the younger men, but who says the older men cannot take a bite?


Bags trend

Who would have thought, that the time would come, when Nigerian men would favour bags, over stuffing their pockets with wallets, keys and other personal effects? It is not only the ladies carrying bags these days, Nigerian men are carrying fashionable bags to hold their things, as bulgy pockets are out of style. They come in neutral hues like white, ash, black, brown and even nude. The bags are carry-on, cross-bags or purses.


Sweatshirts trend.

This trend was influenced by the male Nigerian celebrities like AY, Yomi Casual and Psquare. Nigerian men, especially the younger millennial, are replacing corporate shirts for more casual sweatshirts, even at the office. This is often paired with denim trousers, shorts or sweatpants, for an overall casual look. The sweatshirts come in different colours from darker shades to lighter and funkier shades. This trend surfaced in 2017, but has stayed until now, due in part to the Nigerian men’s fashion designers and also celebrities, who are reinforcing the style this year.